Trademark Registration

Trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of Name, symbol, device, word or mark which distinguish one product or services from that of other, administered by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government Of India. The rules and provisions stated in The Trademark Act 1999.

Who can apply for Trademark registration?

-Natural Person,
-Body Incorporate,
-Partnership Firm,
-Government Authority/Undertaking,
-Association of Person,

How to apply for Trademark registration?

The Application with all other supporting documents can be filed by a person or his duly authorized agent at the appropriate office of the Trade Marks Registry within the territorial jurisdiction of which the principal place of business of the applicant is situated in India personally or by sending by post or online through official website of trademark Authority and make payment of appropriate fee.
The Head office situated at Mumbai, branch offices at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata

Who can sign Trademark Application?

Who can sign Trademark Application? • Trademark Application/documents shall be signed bya person making application or legal practitioner or trade mark agent on behalf of the person making the application.
• If application in made by more than one person as a joint owner, each person in whose name the application is made must sign the application /documents or it is to be signed by an agent on behalf of all the person.
• On behalf of a partnership firm the Application/documents shall be signed by at least one partner stating that he is signing on behalf of the firm.
• On behalf of a body corporate the Application/documents shall be signed by a director or by the secretary or other principal officer of the body corporate and designation of individual signing the document shall be mentioned below its signature. ny class or section of people's religious feelings

Advantage of trademark registration

-Brand Recognition,
-Exclusive Right to use,
-Its an Intangible Assets,
-Provide Legal Protection,
-Ensure Business quality,
-Restrict Adulteration,
-Avoid Duplicity

What are the rights do we get under trademark registration?

• Right to use:
The trademark registration provides an exclusive right to the use of the registered trademark in respect of goods or services for which trademark is registered,
• Right to Assign:
The trademark can be exclusively used by its owner, or licensed or assigned to another party for the use of the registered trademark in respect of goods or services for which trademark is registered in return of payment.
• Right to sue and seek remedy:
The registered owner of the trademark can sue the other party for trademark infringement in the manner provided by the Act and recover for the damage/loss/harm/ suffered subject to the direction of adjudicating Authority.


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