Trademark Hearing

In the case of trademark objection, if registrar is not satisfied with the reply to the trademark objection, hearing is scheduled for further clarification.
Trademark Hearing is an official appearance before the registrar of trademarks. It could be either in person at jurisdiction or video conference, through a trademark agent or Trademark Attorney.

What is ready for show cause hearing in trademark?

Trademark Application status “Ready for show cause hearing” means the reply to the objection submitted by the applicant is processed by the registry and the application is marked for hearing and the notice of hearing will be issued anytime soon

Who can attend trademark hearing?

Trademark show cause hearing is just an appearance before the Registrar of Trademark. The applicant or his agent on behalf of him can attend the hearing.


Power of Attorney
To be executed in favour of a trademark attorney.
Letter of Authorization
To authorize the attorney or any person for attending the hearing an authorization letter shall be given by the applicant.
Affidavit of Usage
The applicant emphasizes the usage date of a trademark filed by filling a usage affidavit for it and the applicant must give the complete details about the usage of the brand name.
Additional Submissions
For reference make sure to keep the short notes of the important things like case laws and examples related to your case.
Proof of Business
Documents supporting your business entity.
Examination Report
Report of examination..
Hearing Notice


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