Section 8 Company (NGO)

What is Section 8 Company?

  • Corporate form of Business Organization having separate identity than its owners
  • The objects are promoting commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object
  • Under old act of 1956, it was Section 25 Company

Documents for Incorporation :

    • Proof of address of place of Registered office : Electricity bill/ Telephone Bill/ Tax Receipt
    • Proof of residence of Subscribers/ Directors : Bank Statement/ Electricity bill/ Telephone Bill
    • PAN of Subscribers/ Directors
    • Photograph of Subscribers/ Directors
    • Adhar Card of Subscribers/ Directors
    • Few signed Documents such as INC 9, DIR 2 which shall be drafted after getting above documents


What Value Addition we provide?

  1. We accept payment in online mode which secures our clients from risk of fraud from fake consultants.
  2. We continuously track status of application with Government Department to get approval at the earliest.
  3. On special request by client, we can get Incorporation Application done even in a day.
  4. We keep our client updated on annual compliances even after incorporation of Company.
  5. We keep our clients updated of any amendments in the act and also of any annual or event based compliances required. This saves penalty or additional fees required to be paid by our clients.
  6. We believe in best service to our clients instead of self service (Self Service means continuous follow up of consultant by client for getting work done).
  7. Our executives follow up our clients for requesting to make documents available for getting works done at the earliest, in very polite and legible manner which makes our clients feel very comfortable while dealing with us.
  8. We also arrange physical meeting with our clients as and when required and if requested by client.
  9. We maintain high level of confidentiality of our client’s data and documents. For that we implement various techniques such as assigning passwords, limited access, remedies for not allowing documents and data outside our office, etc.


Collection of Documents and Details

Drafting of Document

Filing of forms

Approval of Authority