Public Limited Company

What is Public Limited Company?

  • Corporate form of Business Organization having separate identity than it’s owners
  • Little bit stringent provisions and little more compliances and disclosures than that of private limited company
  • This form is used by various businesses having broader scope and unique ideas with vast expansion plans
  • Ownership is different from those who run the business
  • Ownership can be easily transferred from one member to another member or others party without any restriction
  • No upper limit on number of member
  • Minimum number of members is 7 and minimum number of directors is 3.

What is Public Limited Company?

The basic difference between Private company and Public Company is related to invitation to PUBLIC.

  • Members of Public limited company can transfer it’s shares to any outsider without offering it to existing members. On the other hand, members of private limited company has to offer their shares to existing members before offering it to outsiders.
  • Public company can give invitation to public for subscribing it’s shares or debentures or deposits after following procedure given in Companies Act. On the other hand, Private limited company cannot given invitation to Public.
  • Public company have Little more compliances than that of Private


What is Public Limited Company?

  • Better credibility than Private Company
  • Shares can be offered to Public through advertisement after complying with provisions of Companies Act 2013
  • Shares are freely transferable and can be traded on credible platform of Stock Exchange if shares are listed.

Documents for Incorporation :

  • Proof of address of place of Registered office : Electricity bill/ Telephone Bill/ Tax Receipt
  • Proof of residence of Subscribers/ Directors : Bank Statement/ Electricity bill/ Telephone Bill
  • PAN of Subscribers/ Directors
  • Photograph of Subscribers/ Directors
  • Adhar Card of Subscribers/ Directors
  • Few signed Documents such as INC 9, DIR 2 which shall be drafted after getting above documents



Collection of Documents and Details

Drafting of Document

Filing of forms

Approval of Authority